New Magazine Re: Nevada Medical Marijuana

Guy Bertuzzi lost his mother to cancer. Nearly a year after her death, Bertuzzi set off to create the magazine, Elevate, that he would have liked for his mother to have read. Though she can no longer be saved, Bertuzzi has the opportunity to help others like her, in her condition, learn more about Medical Marijuana as a possibility for pain relief, without the negative “stigma” often associated with smoking this plant.

Currently, the other publications on the market are aimed at 420 enthusiasts who often already have a solid understanding of the plant and its positive implications on pain relief. However, individuals like Bertuzzi’s late mother are not ‘in the know’ and require a different sort of piece of reading to guide them.

Bertuzzi’s mother had refused a second round of chemotherapy because of the difficulties the first time, and even after Bertuzzi suggested she try medical cannabis to relieve her pain and suffering, she would not consider it. She considered marijuana a bad drug.

She was misinformed.

Which is why her son set out to reach as many people as he can, through his new magazine. Bertuzzi left his job as sales manager at Greenspun Media Group to found Elevate. He said he wants to show the “real faces” of people who use medical marijuana.

Bertuzzi’s magazine covers stories and information about cannabis and marijuana as medicine, rather than as recreational. The very first cover story is about Las Vegas chef Kerry Simon and his use of Marijuana to fight multiple system atrophy.

Approximately 30,000 copies are planned for each edition, and a digital edition can be found at

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