bannert2Marijuana has been legal in Nevada for medicinal purposes since the year 2000. However, licensed participants were always required by law to grow their own plants. Recent changes now permit the commercial licensure for Medical Marijuana establishments, including dispensaries, cultivation facilities, independent testing labs, and stores that sell edible & other marijuana-infused ingestibles. In fact, there will soon be 40 legal, licensed dispensaries in the Las Vegas area, with the first 18 opening up over the next few months. You will be able to use your Medical Marijuana card at any of these dispensaries.

Important Notes on the Commercial Availability of Medical Marijuana

Because medical marijuana will soon be commercially available in legally licensed dispensaries in Nevada, the quality of the marijuana will be much higher, and patients will no longer need to remain in the shadows about their marijuana needs. However, the penalties for illegal marijuana usage and possession haven’t changed– and it’s important to remember that conviction for drug crimes will stay on your record and show up on your background checks (making it difficult for employment) as well as lead to costly court fines and potential jail time. Don’t take any risks. Real compliance with Nevada State Law can best be achieved by working with a licensed attorney. Obtain your Medical Marijuana Card through our respected Law Office to ensure a swift, stress-free process. Contact us today for a free consultation at (702) 902-5555. Or, click below.

Medical Marijuana Cards Las Vegas