Can Tourists get Medical Marijuana in Vegas? Yup, they can!

As you well know, Medical Marijuana hit the Las Vegas dispensaries at the end of this summer. But it’s not only card-carrying locals who are taking advantage of this new legality. The owner of Euphoria, a medical marijuana dispensary in Las Vegas, says that more and more tourists are purchasing medicinal weed while here in town.

As long as tourists are registered medical marijuana patients at home and are carrying their card and a government-issued ID, they are welcome to purchase medical marijuana from a Las Vegas dispensary.

State Senator Tick Segerblom, who sponsored the bill that led to legalization of Las VEgas dispensaries, said the state has set up the “gold standard” of medical marijuana programs. Segerblom also hopes that the eventual legalization of recreational marijuana for people over 21 in Nevada will be a success.

“It’s going to be be great for our industry, which is tourism,” he said.  “We have 40 million people a year. If 10% of those people went to a dispensary, watch out…Let’s regulate it, let’s tax it.”

Sounds good to us!

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A post from J. at Get Carded

Hi– I’m just a gal doing some work for the good folks at GetCardedVegas and I looked at the DEA’s Drug Scheduling list today and have decided to start/join a “War on the War on Drugs” in the USA (not really, but I’m in shock by what I read.) I cannot believe that Peyote (a cactus), Marijuana (a flowering herb) and DMT (found in all living things, including us) are Schedule 1 “worst” drugs with “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse”. They beat out METH for pete’s sake!!! And Cocaine… and Xanax… and Oxycontin… and countless others… ‪#‎dystopiaNOW‬

No Medicinal Use for Marijuana? What about Charlotte Figi? Before cannabis treatment, young Charlotte was suffering from a disease called Dravet’s syndrome which caused her to have up to 300 seizures per week. After a special strain of marijuana low in THC was designed for Charlotte (and other children like her) her seizures are GONE.

No Medicinal Use for Peyote? Native American Medicine Men (and women) use this sacramental medicine as part of their religion, and to heal.

No Medicinal Use for DMT? Found in the sacred Amazonian brew Ayahuasca, this potent plant-medicine has been used by Shaman healers for centuries and is thought of as “a window into the soul.” 

End of rant for the day.

This is happening…

Yes, your dog or cat must obtain his own Medical Marijuana prescription. He cannot use yours. (and you cannot use his!)

But isn’t it something that Medical Marijuana is actually available for pets in Nevada?

The company making itself most known is Canna Companion. This group of vets produces a medical tincture for dogs and cats that is said to provide the benefits of the cannabis plant while “minimizing the ‘high-inducing’ concentrations of THC.”

According to Canna Companion’s website, the product is legal because it “is not intended for human consumption, it meets the current definition of hemp supplements under United States federal law.” The company says that in higher concentrations, some compounds in pot “can be toxic to dogs and cats. That is one reason we do not advocate blowing marijuana smoke in your pet’s face or administering human medical grade Cannabis to pets.”

There ya go, folks! Scooby Doobie Do!

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GREEN in the Desert: Welcome Weed to the Las Vegas Valley!

It’s happened, at last. Just this Monday, Euphoria Wellness became the first Las Vegas dispensary to offer medical marijuana to its preregistered patients.

Euphoria’s General Manager, Darlene Purdy, says the dispensary will also offer oils, concentrates, and edibles once the production centers open. She estimates this happening in October.

Though Monday was the grand opening for preregistered patients, the official opening to the public happens TODAY!

In order to purchase medical marijuana from Euphoria or any of the other Las Vegas dispensaries, you must have a valid medical marijuana card.

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Medical Marijuana Goes on Sale NEXT WEEK!!

The race to be the first Medical Marijuana Dispensary to open in Southern Nevada was more of a marathon than a sprint, but the finish line is near.

“It’s great for the patients to finally be able to give them a safe, well-lit place where they can come, learn, and get a quality product that has been tested,” the owner of Nevada Wellness Center said.

“Extremely excited, we’ve been waiting for this moment for about two years,” said Darlene Purdy, managing director at Euphoria Wellness.

Euphoria has secured a limited supply of marijuana and will begin selling to pre-registered patients on Monday, and to all other Nevada Medical Marijuana Card holders on Wednesday.

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Showcase: Madame Munchie… Gourmet Marijuana Treats!

Gourmet Macarons from Madame Munchie
-available in Marijuana shops across the states, including here in Nevada!-

Where are these free samples, and why aren’t they in my mouth!?

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Medical Marijuana Stopped this little girl’s Seizures

Medical Marijuana Las Vegas
Sweet, 7-year-old Charlotte Figi is pictured here taking a peaceful walk amid medicinal marijuana plants in a greenhouse.

Charlotte Figi became a household name among medical marijuana industry followers due to the fact that, before cannabis treatment, young Charlotte was suffering from a disease called Dravet’s syndrome which caused her to have up to 300 seizures per week.

She was hardly living the carefree life of a typical little girl, and her family desperately sought a solution Charlotte could grow up living a higher quality life. Enter Medical Marijuana.

The strain that now bears Charlotte’s name, Charlotte’s Web, has a high CBD level but is low in THC which means that Charlotte and other children like her may reap the benefits of using medical marijuana without any of the psychedelic side effects.

Yet another life changed for the better due to the healing effects of cannabis.