Attorney Mark Coburn has grown his legal practice into one of the most successful, trustworthy Law Offices in Nevada. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Coburn has successfully defended thousands of clients facing intimidating charges in areas as diverse as DUI charges, Battery, Drug charges, and Traffic-related offenses.

In recent years, Attorney Mark Coburn began receiving frequent questions regarding the use of medicinal marijuana in Southern Nevada, so he began to take a closer look at NRS laws relating to marijuana usage. Based upon his sincere desire to help those in need of obtaining medical marijuana cards, Mark Coburn then added a new line of practice to his Law Office: helping residents in Southern Nevada “get carded” the legal way.

There are far too many risks involved in obtaining a medical marijuana card for anyone to think they can navigate the process on their own or casually hire a fly-by-night company who only recently popped up on the scene.

When your legal rights and your freedom are involved, it is in your best interest to hire an experienced Law Office to help you obtain your medical marijuana card today. Our prices are in line with our competitors, but the unarguable difference between us remains: as an experienced, reputable Law Office in Las Vegas, we know the law--inside and out--and when you obtain your medical marijuana card through our Law Office, you can rest assured that there is nothing more for you to worry about. You can sit back and relax, risk-free, and begin to heal yourself with your marijuana medicine.

As an attorney known for his both his extensive knowledge and his compassionate communication with clients, Mark Coburn will provide your case with focused care in order to ensure that you receive unsurpassed attention and the best possible results during the process of applying for your medical marijuana card in Southern Nevada.